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young woman gets injection of botox in h

SFJ Level 3 Award - Certificate in Principles of Aesthetics

The SFJ Level 3 Organisation Certificate in the Principles of Cosmetic Procedures for Aesthetic Practitioners is designed to provide learners with an entry level qualification into the Beauty and Aesthetics Industry. Participants will develop a broad understanding of Health and Safety in Aesthetic Practice, communication and consultation, client assessment and skin analysis and anatomy and physiology for skin treatments. This qualification is aimed at beginners and non-medical professionals seeking a pathway into aesthetics and skin rejuvenation who do not wish to follow the traditional beautician route. Learners who successfully achieve this qualification will be able to progression to foundation aesthetic programmes and advanced skin care. 

Price: £995 

Duration: 6-8 Weeks minimum

Course Structure: Online Portal Programme

Accreditation: SFJ Awarded, CPD Accredited

Pre-Requisites: None (18+)

Progression Route: Foundation Dermal Fillers, Foundation Botox, Advanced Skin Care


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Course Overview

We are very excited to be one of the very few selected training providers to offer this qualification to beginners and non-medics looking to enter the world of Aesthetics, this qualification is Awarded through the SFJ, Accredited by CPD and backed by Finch Group allowing you to gain insurance once completing your chosen practical route, no prior learning is required in order to complete this course. 

The estimated and total length of time it is expected that a learner will typically take to achieve and demonstrate the level of attainment necessary for the award of the qualification i:e to achieve all learning outcomes is 6-8 weeks.


A minimum time of completion is 6 weeks before a learner can move on to any aesthetic course, this includes a total of 130 hours study, 16 hours pre-study and 2 hours guided online learning carried out via video link with a course assessor for First Aid.


The easy access, online portal will provide you with all the resources you need to complete your qualification through interactive learning, as well as in-depth theory which can be accessed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You will also have a dedicated assessor on hand should you require additional support at any time. 

  • First Aid & Anaphylaxis

  • Principles of Health and Safety in Aesthetic Practice

  • Principles of Communication and Consultation

  • Principles of Client Assessment and Skin Analysis

  • Principles of Anatomy and Physiology for Skin Treatments


First Aid Components:

  • External Bleeding

  • Allergic Reaction & Anaphylaxis

  • Eye Injury

  • Recovery Position CPR

  • Medicine Interactions

  • Hepatitis B Virus

Course Content

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