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KENALOG Hay Fever Injection Online Course

Hay fever is a common allergic reaction which occurs at particular times of the year known as seasonal rhinitis, Hay fever can affect each person different but in some some in can cause severe symptoms that can affect day to day life. 

Kenalog injections helps many people with their severe symptoms of Hay fever. For many it completely relieves the symptoms for the entire season


Kenalog Injections are officially licensed for Hay fever relief however no longer available on the NHS only through private clinics.   

Please note: You must already hold a qualification in intramuscular injections and work alongside a prescriber before enrolling onto this course

This course includes a FREE online First Aid Qualification

Price: £130 Inc VAT 

Course Structure: Online Course (10 Hours) 

Accreditation: CPD

Pre-Requisites: Intramuscular Injection qualification for example Vitamin B12, must be working alongside a prescriber (please check you are able to obtain insurance upon completion of this course)

Finance option: Klarna smooth payments available see details here Finance

Please ensure you meet the minimum pre-requisites and can gain valid, uk insurance before enrolling onto this course
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Course Overview

This online course is suitable for those who currently hold a qualification in Intramuscular Injections for example B12 Injections and are looking to add the administration of Kenalog Hay Fever relief via buttock intra-muscular injections to their portfolio. Upon enrolling you will gain access to our online learning portal to complete the course material covering all course content and components. To pass the course students must complete all online theory and pass the relevant online assessment. 

Course Content

  • Understand what Hay Fever is 

  • How Hay Fever develops

  • Understand why we get Hay Fever

  • Understand the treatment options

  • Understand the indications and contra indications of Kenalog

  • How to safely administer the injection

Course Components
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