VTCT Level 4 Microblading - Beginners 

This course aims to give you

  • a strong grounding in the core skills & techniques required

  • VTCT Level 4 Certificate in Enhancing Eyebrows with Microblading Techniques Qual No: 603/1305/5

  • Introduce you to Health & Safety, anatomy & physiology & colour theory knowledge.

  • Practical experience on models so that you feel confident when you leave our course

Of course, you'll be welcome back at any time at your Earn & Learn Day, FREE refresher days, a shadowing day if you require, our closed FB group and our ongoing knowledge events.  We're always there to support you!

What's the difference between Micropigmentation, Permanent Makeup & Microblading?

Permanent make up, Semi-permanent makeup, micropigmentation and microblading are all terms used for a treatment that places pigment into the upper layers of skin using needles to create a shadow of colour. Done well this can create tiny hair strokes, ombre, hair branching or a powdered make up look that will enhance your existing eyebrows or give shape and definition to sparse brows.

Why Microblading?

  • There are lower setup fees than with digital permanent make up as you have no machine outlay

  • Consumables are affordable (you can buy with us)

  • Clients love micro blading & it’s a growing UK trend

  • You can charge anywhere from £200 - £750 (in some London areas) for treatment

  • Ideal for those wanting to work with brows only (you can always move to digital later)

  • Not for all skin types – we will teach you how to advise your future clients

  • Customers need 2-3 treatments

  • Microblading lasts about 6-12 months then needs a maintenance treatment to keep fresh

3 days:

Day 1 - Health & Safety, Anatomy & Physiology, Colour Theory, Drawing On, work on practice pads

Day 2 - Working on models provided by us with hair strokes using a variety of microblade techniques & sizes

After you've built your portfolio of case studies we will arrange Day 3 - VTCT Assessment (at a time to suit)


Price: From £2,100 

(This course includes a kit ) 

Duration: 3 Days

Accreditation VTCT

Pre-Requisites None

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