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B12 Injection Course

The demand for B12 injections has dramatically increased over the past few years, this course will teach you both the theory and practical skills in order to administer B12 in the form of intra-muscular injections. 

B12 is a water soluble vitamin which is essential to aid cell growth and repair, improve immune function and improve fatigue and mental alertness.

Our Access To Aesthetics Course is available to beginners who currently hold no related qualifications but wish to progress onto injectable and advanced skin care courses.

This course includes a FREE online First Aid Qualification

Price: £350 Inc VAT

Course Structure: Online Course pre study (10 Hours) in-house practical assessment (optional online submission)

Accreditation: CPD

Pre-Requisites: 18+,Access to aesthetics /Level 3 Beauty Therapy/Micro-pigmentation with 6 months of experience/ Doctor, Dentist or Nurse (please check you are able to obtain insurance upon completion of this course)

Progression Route: Foundation Dermal Filler, Foundation Botox, Advanced Skin Care

Finance option: Klarna smooth payments available see details here Finance

Please ensure you meet the minimum pre-requisites and can gain valid, uk insurance before enrolling onto this course
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Course Overview

This course is suitable for those who currently hold a Level 3 Qualification or equivalent and are looking to add the administration of B12 via intra-muscular injections to their portfolio. Upon enrolling you will gain access to our online learning portal to complete the in-depth course material covering all course content and components. To pass the course students must complete all online theory, pass the relevant online assessment and return a video demonstrating a minimum of 2 live model treatments from start to finish or complete your assessments in-house with our assessors.

Course Content

  • Treatment Areas

  • How 12 works

  • Advantages

  • Risks and Side effects

  • Client suitability and consultation

  • Managing expectations

  • Needle insertion Techniques

  • Aftercare and recommended return time

  • Hygiene, Sharps and Heath & Safety

  • Injection techniques

  • Demonstrations

Course Components
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