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Cryotherapy Skin Pen Course + Kit

CRYOTHERAPY or cold therapy is a fast, effective and pain free solution for the removal of skin imperfections with minimal downtime. Procedures last between 5 and 25 seconds resulting in a large profit margin to maximise your income whilst offering an effective treatment and resolution for your clients.  

Treatable conditions:

-Pigmentation (Solar Spots)

-Cherry Angioma (Campbell de Morgan)


-Skin Tags

-Warts and Verruca

Price: £700 Inc VAT 

Kit Full Kit included 

Course Structure: In-house theory & practical training 10am-3pm

Accreditation: CPD

Pre-Requisites: Level 3 Beauty Therapy, or Semi Permanent make up with 6 months experience, or doctor/dentist/nurse

Finance option: Klarna smooth payments available see details here Finance

Please ensure you meet the minimum pre-requisites and can gain valid, uk insurance before enrolling onto this course
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Treatments per week
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Monthly Income
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Course Overview

This in-house course is suitable for those who currently hold a qualification in Level 3 Beauty Therapy or equivalent  and are looking to add the the removal of skin imperfections using CRYTHERAPY to their portfolio. During your training day you will be provided with everything you need including full kits, training manual and live models to complete your practical assessments. 

The theory for this course will be completed in-house on your training day therefore no online pre-study is required. 

Course Content

  • Definition of CRYOTHERAPY 

  • Traditional CRYOTHERAPY Treatments

  • How CRYOTHERAPY works

  • The Skin

  • Healing Process

  • Effective application

  • Maintenance and devices 

  • Techniques, depth and duration

  • Contra Indications, consent

  • Pre and Post Care

Course Components
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